Frequently Asked Questions

How about Sustainability?

We all know that plastic trash liners/bags are not good for our environment.  The IMPACTOR® reduces the use of these liners/bags by at a rate of 50% or more by compacting and significantly reducing the volume of waste in your facility.  IMPACTOR® bags can even be recycled.

How quiet is the compaction?

The newest generation of IMPACTOR® features a fully mechanical compaction system that is so quiet, you may not even know it is a compactor!  This also means no worries about the dangers of hydraulic fluid leaks inside your facility.

How do I know how many IMPACTORS my facility needs?

Smarter Trash will work with you to determine the optimal layout, ensuring your facility maximizes all the benefits of an IMPACTOR® deployment.  You’ll free up valuable floor space, eliminate overflowing trash bins, optimize staffing efforts, and transform your “trash space” into an appealing digital signage network.

What kind of trash bags do I use?

Our sized and pleated bags are designed for the IMPACTOR®, allowing optimal capacity, ergonomics, and protection against any leakage or tearing.  The bags themselves are even recyclable!

How do I know when the unit is full?

The Impactor comes standard with an LED status lamp that turns red when the unit is full to visually alert staff.  Additionally, each unit comes programmed for Smarter Trash IntelliSCAN™, allowing you to remotely monitor the status of all units, and receive automatic status notifications.

When full, how heavy are the trash bags?

Smarter Trash® can adjust your IMPACTOR® to meet your facility’s waste stream characteristics and any staff requirements.  Many users prefer to limit a full bag weight to approx. 40-50lbs, however the machine is capable of more, or less depending on your facility’s waste and needs.

How is the unit powered?

All that is required is a standard 20 Amp, 120 volt power outlet.  When you receive your IMPACTOR®, it is truly as simple as just plugging it in.

What if I need to move the unit?

The IMPACTOR® comes standard with wheels, which allow the units to be easily moved.

An anchor bolt can be used for a more secure placement.

Are there exterior color or customization options?

A sleek white powder coat finish is standard, providing a modern and clean look that is attractive in any setting. High quality custom wraps and decals are available, giving you endless appearance options.  We can even help you design your ideal “look” whether you want your units to blend in with existing venue decor, make a bold statement, or include specific waste stream signage or messaging.  

What kind of reliability can I expect?

All control components are UL listed, and at each unit’s core is a durable, welded steel body made in the USA, providing many years of trouble free operation.

IMPACTORS come standard with a 1 year manufacturer warranty, and extended warranty programs are available.

We recommend a quick routine cleaning of a few key areas to ensure peak performance.  Please see Videos section for more on cleaning.

Are these units safe?

The IMPACTOR® was designed with safety in mind.  The newest generation features fully mechanical compaction, with no hydraulic components. Industrial dual safety components ensure compaction will not occur while the deposit or service doors are in the open position.

What can I display on the IMPACTOR’s digital screens?

This highly visible, eye-level digital billboard can be used to display any communications you deem valuable for your venue. Sponsored Advertisements, Wayfinding, Venue General Information, Event Promotion, Public Service Announcements, Educational and Emergency Messaging.  The IMPACTOR® gives you a platform to generate a new revenue stream through sponsored Advertising, or expand your existing digital network footprint and value.

How does the IMPACTOR’s Digital Signage work?

All IMPACTOR® units come “plug and play” ready with integrated and secure cellular connectivity.  Our cloud-based Smarter Trash IntelliSCAN™ UI platform allows you or your team to quickly upload, schedule, and manage all content.